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05 March 2008 @ 07:39 am
[Boston] Calling all Costumers!  
Calling all costume enthusiasts! On March 22nd & 23rd, The Great Boston Burlesque Exposition and Vintage Fashion Fair will be taking place at The Hyatt Regency Hotel (575 Memorial Dr., Cambridge, MA) and you should join in the fun at our Historic Costume Exhibit, Classes, and Dealer's Room!

In burlesque, what you take off is just as important as how you take it off.  With that in mind, we searched our closets, our attics, and our memories for unique examples of the burlesque costumers art and brought our finds together at The Vintage Fashion Fair.  The exhibit includes two-dozen pieces lent to us by our burlesque legends and by some of the best costumers in burlesque.  Included in the exhibit are:
  • An unforgettable creation from Dita Von Teese!    
  • Satan’s Angel’s incredible Indian Chieftain costume!
  • Miss Mina’s “La Vie en Rose”, which won in the Master Class at Arisia 2008!
  • A gorgeous replica of a Lili St. Cyr boudoir gown
  • And The Wall of Pasties! (yup, just what it sounds like)

On display throughout The Vintage Fashion Fair, the Costume Exhibit is included with your admission. Please make sure to take the time to admire this unique collection.

It’s not enough to just look at costumes! We’ve got classes on making, improving, saving, and even buying costumes.

Altering, Fixing and Prolonging the Life of Your Costume: A survey of several costume topics including altering and fitting, mending and repairs, hand finishing and generally making them last for as long as possible

A Consumer's Guide to Corset Buying: The "Whys" of corset construction, fit, and function. What makes a bad corset bad, what makes a good corset good, and how to tell the difference. Includes construction and fit demos, and materials samples.

Costuming on the Cheap: Learn how to embellish a costume without spending a fortune. Hints from two notorious costuming cheapskates about their techniques, materials and sources.

Pastie Making and Tassel Twirling: Learn how to make Pasties, those wonderfully sparkly beauties that no burlesque performer can be without. In this class you will learn how to make and decorate them yourself as well as how to make those tassels twirl! The best part comes when you get to leave with your own pair!

The Expo is a great place to show off your favorite creations and learn how to make more. There will also be plenty of vendors to browse through for ready-made costumes and the perfect accessories. Plus, you get the bonus karma of having made Cambridge a better-dressed place, if only for a weekend.

March 21-23, 2008
Hyatt Regency Cambridge
575 Memorial Dr.
Cambridge, MA
For tickets and more information, please see our website