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17 December 2006 @ 09:31 pm
The Perfect Last-Minute Gifts for your Partying Friends!!  

Holiday gifts get NO BETTER then this!! And even more amazing, Free shipping on all orders during the holidays!!! Click on the banner for more details about the most fantastic, hand-welded, unique, BADASS Firedancing Fans ever to grace the internet, we guarantee it! We also have Fire Poi, Practice Poi, Fire breathing/eating torches, Juggling Balls, Costuming supplies, you name it! All made by Firedancers for Firedancers, and for Circus Fanatics everywhere!! A member of our Firedancing Troupe recently lost a vehicle to a fallen tree during a vicious windstorm. We are trying to raise some money during this Holiday season to surprise her with a new vehicle!! And so all of our merchandise and accessories are on EXTRA special Holiday sales!! Check out our Auctions and Newly Renovated website!! Thank you so much!! Also, I apologize if this post breaks any rules. If so, I will remove it.
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